Kanani Chartered Professional Accountant

Personal Tax Returns

For Medical and Dental Professionals.

At KCPA, we will prepare your personal tax return, and also ensure that you take full advantage of the tax credits and deductions available to minimize your taxes. KCPA provides personal tax preparation services that are proactive, secure, and efficient.

Being proactive

In order to make the personal tax process simple for clients, KCPA is proactive by contacting clients via email at the beginning of March to provide checklists for organizing tax documents, communicating due dates, and relaying any new requirements from the Canada Revenue Agency for the upcoming tax filing season.

Providing secure options

Clients are setup with a Canadian encryption service using their own email account, at no cost to them. This allows clients to send personal tax documents, using their own email account, to KCPA through a secure medium, giving them peace of mind.

Making life easy for you

By being proactive, and using the latest information technology, the preparation of personal taxes is an efficient process, resulting in saving time for clients.

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