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Some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients.

How do we setup an initial consultation, and who will I be meeting with?

Reach out to Hussein Kanani, CPA, CA, at 403.262.5510 or email him at hussein@kananicpa.com. He will be the one you meet with, so once you establish communication, a date and time will be booked to further discuss your needs.

How long will the first meeting take, and what is the cost?

The initial consultation will usually take about 45 minutes to 1 hour, and will be complimentary.

How does your fee structure work?

Our fees are dependent on the scope of work to be completed, and the particular needs and budget of the client. You will be provided with a quote once we have reviewed your unique situation. KCPA is fully transparent on its fee structure from the outset. No surprises.

What information do you need from my end to complete my corporate year-end?

It depends on the client and whether we provide bookkeeping services to the client or not, however, we usually ask for the following:

  • A year-end income statement, balance sheet, and general ledger
  • Loan statements disclosing interest paid on loans during the year
  • Insurance policy documentation
  • Any correspondence received from the Canada Revenue Agency
  • A year-end bank reconciliation and bank statement
  • A GST return
  • If you do not use accounting software such as Sage (formerly Simply Accounting), please send us a summary of your income and expenses along with bank statements, cleared cheques and/or credit card statements with related receipts, invoices and other related documentation.

Can you take care of my company's bookkeeping, and what information is needed from my end?

Yes, we can look after of your bookkeeping function. Find out more information on the bookkeeping services we offer. Every client is different. Once we have met and have a better knowledge of your practice or business and its processes, we will provide you with a customized list of information we will require to complete your company's bookkeeping.

Will I be charged for asking questions through email, outside of our scheduled meetings?

No, KCPA will not bill you for such questions. We fully understand that clients will have questions outside of any scheduled meetings and we would be happy to answer them. Should your question(s) involve significant time and/or research to address or result in additional work, we will advise you of any fees that will be billed. If your question falls outside of KCPA’s area of expertise, we will direct you towards fellow professionals in our network that can assist you.

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