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Corporate Tax Returns & Planning

For Medical and Dental Professionals.

Canada's continually changing tax environment places a demanding tax-compliance responsibility on professional corporations and incorporated businesses.

Therefore, it is important that business-owners work with qualified professionals to ensure their corporate tax returns are filed correctly, on time, and prepared in a manner that minimizes risks. Working with professionals can also help you maximize deductions, implement practical tax planning solutions, and anticipate tax issues. Kanani Chartered Professional Accountant (KCPA) can help you meet all of your corporate tax filing and reporting requirements through a full-range of Canadian corporate tax services.

KCPA offers you the following:

  • Preparation of year-end corporate tax returns, tax estimates, and instalments
  • GST return, and T5 return preparation
  • Advice on deductions available to your business
  • Advice on the benefits of tax deferral
  • Owner-manager remuneration strategies (e.g. salary vs. dividends, income splitting)
  • Integrated personal tax planning

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